We have recently resumed the work of our campaign “Sci Fi line” Indiegogo. Financial and technical problems made us to paralyzed the progress of the campaign. Those troubles added to the inexperience in the field of crowdfundings made us to stop reporting the status of the campaign, we did not knew to manage the criticism we received for the delay. Excuses for all founders, as the founders that received the rewards as those who still await them.

We have almost gotten out of our problems with a lot of effort, but above thanks to your patience wich has left work without an extra pressure.

We are now ready to continue with “Scifi line” and in a short lapse of time we will begin to contact you again

We will not to use the platform of Indiegogo to inform, we will directly through our website. If someone needs personal information please contact us at we always reply to all issues by this way.

Thank you for your patience once again.

The Escenorama Team

October, 2015

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